Monday, June 8, 2009

Oregon State Clam Digging

Oregon State Clam Digging: "Living a mile from the beach is a luxury in itself,as you can fish,clam dig,hunt glass fishing balls or just watch the waves move.
I lived in a little town in the 70s called Seaside,Oregon for four years and enjoyed every minute of it.
There are 17 miles of beach to walk on here from Seaside to Astoria,with lots of fishing and razor clamming.
You clam dig during low tide,so it could be daylight or noon when you started.You walk along the sand and watch for a bubble to appear with a hole in the sand,about the size of a nickle,and start digging on the ocean side of the hole.If you are using a clam shovel,you will have to dig real fast or the clam will be gone.
If you use a clam tube,you place the tube over the hole and push the tube down a good foot,put your finger over the air hole in the top and pull the tube out of the sand.Dump it and hope you have a clam.
The abundance of razor clams along the Oregon coast varies greatly due to ocean conditions,weather and disease.Because of the recent decline in the population of razor clams south of Tillamook Head we recommend digging for clams on Clatsop spit beachs.
90% of Oregon's razor clam digging occurs here.
The Clatsop spit beachs,Del Ray beach,Sunset beach,Columbia beach and Clatsop spit are the most productive clam digging areas in the pacific north.Thousands of clammers come here to try their hand at razor clam digging.

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